Additional Prints

Additional Prints

This is for those who would like multiple copies of their piece, but don’t necessarily want to buy multiple originals!

Here, you can request printed copies of the home, venue, portrait, or illustration you commissioned!

Please order your prints at the same time as your commission. The print size does not have to match the commissioned work size, you can mix and match!

Cards are all 4.25 x 5.5 and come with a brown envelope

*Note that the largest print size for any commission work is 11x14.


Due to the nature of being a small business, I do not offer returns or refunds on *fulfilled* orders.

if you are having reservations about your purchase, please reach out to me via my e-mail:


Print items ship every Tuesday and Thursday.

If your order is placed on Thursday or over the weekend, it will ship the following shipping day (up to three business days.)

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